Oregon Association of the Deaf


The Oregon Association of the Deaf exists to protect and promote the civil rights of the deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf plus. We seek to promote American Sign Language (ASL) as our cherished language and cultural heritage.

Update Jan 19, 2023

Hello! Check out our new Legislative Action page covering the 2023 Regular Legislative session for Oregon. Let your senators and congressmen/women know which bills you support and how the bills would affect you, that way they can server you better.

How to Follow OAD

Google Groups
The surest way to get updates from OAD is to subscribe to our OAD News Google Group. It is a Forum and or email listserv hybrid depending on how you configure the settings for groups you subscribe to. We will be posting events, news, job postings, legislative updates and anything that concerns or benefits the greater deaf community.

Two ways to subscribe to the OAD News Google Group.

The first way is to log into Google Groups and then search for our group "OAD News" or by the email address "news@oad1921.org" and request to join. You will need a gmail or google workplace email account google workplace account that have enabled access to Google Groups to use this approach and to be able to use the Google Group webapp directly. Interacting with the Google Groups webapp is like using a basic forum, it's also the place where you can change settings about email frequency for each group you're subscribed to.

The second way is to send an email from the email account you want to receive news at. This approach will work for people who do not have gmail or google workplace accounts although people with gmail / google workplace or education accounts can use this approach too. 

In the to: field type news+subscribe@oad1921.org . No  Subject or body text is needed. Send the email. You should get an automated email:

Email Subject: "Join request for news [gibberish]"

Email Body: "We received your request to join news. news requires owner approval for join requests. If you would like to continue with your join request, reply to this email or click below:" 

Do not click the link. The correct thing to do is to reply to the email, especially if your email address is not a gmail or google workplace account. You do not need to write anything in the body of the email, just reply and send. You can write "yes" in the body text if you really want to and that will be good enough. You should get a second automated email:

Email Subject: "Your join request for news has succeeded but is pending approval."

Email Body:  Your subscription request to news is pending.

At this point you're done and all you need to do is wait for an administrator to accept you into the group. You will receive a third email notifying you when an administrator has approved you as a member of the OAD News Group.

Three ways to unsubscribe from the OAD News Google Group.
The first way by opening Google Groups,  sign in/switch to the correct account that you want to unsubscribe. My Groups in left panel should be selected. Find the row with the group "OAD News", in the far right will be an icon between a human torso icon and a star icon, it has an arrow pointing left out of a bracket. Click that and you're done.

The second way to unsubscribe is to send an email from the email account you want to unsubscribe. In the to: field type news+unsubscribe@oad1921.org . No  Subject or body text is needed. Send the email and you should be automatically unsubscribed. 

A third way you can unsubscribe and probably the easiest is to to find any email from the OAD News Google group and scroll down to the bottom, there should be a link to unsubscribe in the footer.

How to post to the OAD News Google Group

Have something to share? You may post to the group by emailing secretary@oad1921.org. If it is about an event, please only post about events in Oregon. The occasional post about events in neighboring states is ok if they are close to Oregon's border (example, Vancouver Washington). Exceptions are made for DeafBlind events as there are so few.

Write the post or email as if it will go directly to the public with no changes or edits.

Please remember to include the 5 W's of writing: When, Where, What, Why and Who. Always add contact info for follow up questions including: name, title and phone/vp number email address etc.

YouTube Channel 

News and Announcements in ASL will be posted to OAD's YouTube Channel.

Facebook Page

Video, text, and image posts will be posted to OAD's Facebook Page. Keep in mind that it is not reliable that you will see everything posted or shared on FB depending on your settings and FaceBook's algorithms.