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The numbers in the beginning of Minute and Report documents represent the four digit Year, two digit Month, and two digit Day. A document starting with "20220918"  evaluates as Year=2022 Month=09 Day=18. The dates correspond to the meeting in which the report was shared. This link is to the corresponding video recordings of OAD's Board Meetings.


Operational Bylaws Approved 11/20/2021 and submitted to IRS

Bylaws - Approved 11/20/2021 Submitted to IRS

WIP Bylaws


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure

Number of Deaf with Intellectual and or Developmental Disability in Oregon by County and Year

Deaf Population in Oregon by County and Year

Estimated Number of Deaf People in Oregon

Using the National Center for Health Statistics (2017) formula from the Gallaudet Research Institute, the estimated number of individuals who are living with hearing loss in the state of Oregon is approximately 1,064,021, and 4,043 of them use sign language to communicate" Source: