Scheduled OAD Board Meetings

The public are welcome and encouraged to participate in OAD board meetings. There is usually an opportunity for the public to comment or make an announcement. Please ask the president Steven M Brown for permission to sign or speak outside of public comments and announcement periods.

The upcoming OAD Board meeting is scheduled for June 8, 6 pm - 8 pm.

Zoom Meeting URL:
Zoom Meeting ID:  841 6217 3324

There is no password for our meetings. We use a waiting room instead. Join board meetings up to five minutes before the meeting starts and wait to be admitted into the room.

Zoom is not deaf friendly. We have found it necessary to do spotlighting as many members use a phone and can only see one or two people at a time. For this reason, we ask that participants not connect audio when joining the room, or to join with the microphone and leave it on. Participants can mute their phone or computer if concerned about disturbing others around them.

When we spotlight someone, if the person is muted, Zoom will nag the person to turn on their microphone every time they are spotlighted. It is easier to just leave the microphone on or better yet to not connect audio at all when joining the meeting.

For accommodations please email with your request.

2023 Biennial Conference

OAD will host its biennial conference July 14 - 15, 2023.

Tentative Schedule

Friday Jul 14

10 am delegates arrive

12 pm lunch + open to public

1 pm - 5 or 6 pm biennial conference

Saturday Jul 15

8 am delegates arrive

9 am - 5 / 6 pm biennial conference

Location: Portland Community College SE Campus

Election: Positions that will start new terms include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Board Member positions, and two Delegate positions. 

Oregon ASL Community Events

A great way to find events is via the community tab on OAD's FB page. To share an event to the OAD community, create a post from wherever (your personal FB account, or a FB page you own or control) and tag OAD by adding "#OAD" to the post, presto, OAD followers will probably see your content. You're also welcome to DM us on FB and request a direct post, just be sure to include contact info in case anyone has questions.

We also have a Google Group where anyone can share events as well, all posts are checked by moderators before being sent out to everybody. See instructions on how to join.